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This Week's News For January 15, 2020

Fred A. Anderson gets New Principal

Mrs. Sherry Meador, Executive Director of Instructional Services, has been named interim principal at Fred A. Anderson Elementary School, replacing Ms. Tunmorya Bennett who resigned before Christmas. This is not Mrs. Meador’s first time as principal of Fred Anderson Elementary School, having served in that capacity from 2008 to 2014. Mrs. Meador graduated with her Bachelor of Science and Exceptional Children degree
Appalachian State University. She then taught special education in Ashboro Schools and in Greensboro City schools prior to coming to
Pamlico. Later she moved to Pamlico County where she taught as an Exceptional Children’s teacher in Pamlico County Middle School. She
then went back to obtain her math degree and later her MA in School Administration. After receiving her masters in school administration,
she was offered the position as assistant principal at Pamlico County Middle School, serving there for three years. She then was assigned as principal at Fred A. Anderson Elementary serving there six years. Following her tenure there, she was named Executive Director of Instructional Services for Pamlico County. For the remainder of the school year, Mrs. Meador will continue serving as Executive Director of Instructional Services, as well as interim principal at Fred A. Anderson.
When asked what it was like returning to Fred Anderson Elementary, Mrs. Meador said, “It’s been wonderful because I feel like I’ve been given
a second chance to be a principal, with additional knowledge that I didn’t have back then. I’m able to go back and really enjoy it.” She went on to
say, “I’m more confident, obviously, because I’ve seen both sides. It’s a great feeling to be with the kids, and the parents again, and teachers, because even though I work with adults, it was more in the leadership role and I often felt disconnected. Now I feel like I’m reconnected. I volunteered to come back. This was not an assignment. When we were talking the position, we talked about hiring an interim position, but I just felt that the school had to deal with enough of a change and it would
be harder on the children for an interim principal than if I went in. This would be easier on the children, the parents, and the adults in the building than to have to learn from one totally new.” She added, “I want to make a difference and I want to do what is right for the children.” When asked what changes she looked at making in the school, Mrs. Meador stated that she did not foresee any changes being made. “We showed such positive growth, that you don’t want to change something that is working. We are just going to monitor the data closely and make sure that we’re not leaving anything up to chance. And if we need to adjust we will, but right now I feel confident though in what the teachers are doing and what the previous administration had set up is working well. I’m just here to keep it moving forward, and adjust when necessary. So I don’t see any major changes at all.”