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This Week's News

From Oriental Town Manager Diane Miller

If your garbage and/or recycling was missed, please secure it until after the storm (Isaias).

If you were missed, please forward your name, phone number and street address to

Someone from Town Hall will contact you after the storm and let you know when you can put the cans back out.


Thank you,

Diane H. Miller, MPA, ICMA-CM


From The American Red Cross

From Pamlico County Emergency Management

From Oriental Town Manager Diane Miller

From the Pamlico County Manager's Office

JULY 31, 2020 1400 HOURS


This is an important notice from Pamlico County regarding Hurricane Isaias.

Pamlico County Emergency Management is currently monitoring the storm and will advise regarding emergency plans. Arrangements are being made for emergency sheltering; however, due to the COVID pandemic and social distancing requirements, the availability of shelter space will likely be very limited. Screenings will occur prior to any person being accepted into a shelter anywhere in the State. Individuals are encouraged to use non-congregate, personal sheltering options such as staying with family and friends. If congregate sheltering is necessary, priority will be given to individuals in Evacuation Zone A. Citizens can review more information concerning Evacuation Zones by visiting the Pamlico County Web Site, or through the Pamlico County Emergency Management Facebook Page.

Post storm, individuals should monitor the Pamlico County website and Emergency Management Facebook page for instructions regarding recovery operations, including possible mass feedings and/or debris pickup. Please note that due to COVID-19 and fiscal constraints, certain recovery operations such as debris pickup may not be feasible.


From Pamlico County Emergency Management

Hurricane Isaias Morning Briefing from our partners at the National Weather Service. Please stay focused on this storm as it is still making its way from the South with uncertainties. These graphics and predictions can and will change with the path or shift of the storm system.

Again, we are faced with a new model of response due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please make your plans now, have your emergency kits ready and stocked, and don't wait until the last minute. We are encouraging citizens that typically evacuate to have an alternate plan. Congregate Public Sheltering will be very limited and tough during this storm season as we have to take extra measures and precautions to combat COVID-19. Local Officials are continuously working with State and Federal Partners on planning and execution of safe response to a approaching storm. Please take time to make early preparations ahead of a disaster.